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Fresh2Go - Sandwiches

Queensland Convenience Foods is a true local North Queensland team using only the finest and freshest of produce the renowned QCF Fresh2Go sandwiches. Innovation and dedication to quality are the keys to our business. Hand-made in our fully accredited facility to strict specifications with vigilant attention to detail, you have our commitment to deliver the best convenience food options that North Queensland has to offer.

With that in mind, we aim for complete customer satisfaction, brand confidence and consumer loyalty. Your QCF sandwiches will come to you in sealed tamper resistant packaging affording you complete peace of mind in your business. You are assured of freshness, hygienic practice, relief from cross contamination and product tampering concerns, cold chain compliance, finest quality ingredients and value for money.

From traditional wedge sandwiches using white, grain and wholemeal to the gourmet plated on specialty breads such as Lawson’s or Helga’s, there’s a QCF sandwich for every occasion and taste.

Our Range

Ham & Salad Sandwich Roast Beef, Cheese Mustard Sandwich* Ham, Cheese & Tomato Sandwich
Ham & Cheese Sandwich* Egg, Lettuce & Mayo Sandwich Corned Beef, Cheese & Pickles Sandwich*
Chicken & Salad Sandwich Chicken & Cheese Sandwich* Curried Egg Sandwich*
Chicken & Mayo Sandwich* Corned Beef & Pickles Sandwich* Roast Beef & Relish Sandwich*
Duet Sandwich - Egg, Lettuce Duet Sandwich - Corned Beef, Duet Sandwich - Ham, Cheese
& Mayo + Curried Egg Cheese & Pickles + Roast Beef, & Tomato + Chicken & Mayo
  Cheese & Mustard  

QCF Fresh2Go Gourmet Plated Sandwiches

Gourmet Beef & Swiss Sandwich Gourmet Italian Salami Sandwich Feta Cheese Sandwich
Gourmet Tuna Onion & Feta Sandwich Gourmet Ploughmans Sandwich Gourmet Roast Pumpkin & Marin

All Fresh2Go items marked * are available as the snap frozen range, Good2Go.


11 Donaldson St
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18 B Lorna Court
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P: (07) 4774 6299
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