Cairns Depot
11 Donaldson St Manunda 4870
07 4041 7199

Townsville Depot
18 B Lorna Court Bohle 4818
07 4774 6299


Having commenced operations from a coldroom in the shed in our backyard and progressing through three rented properties over time, in 2003 we started the search for a more appropriate location.  In December 2004, we purchased a 700 sq.m. tilt-wall warehouse in Cairns purpose built for an export freight-forwarder five years earlier.

With some substantial modifications, we now have a clean, modern, purposeful facility which has:

  • A freezer 70 pallet capacity @ -25 degrees C
  • A cold room of 70 sq.m. @ .5 – 2 degrees C
  • A production room of 70 sq.m. @ .5 – 2 degrees C
  • An ante-room of 100 sq.m. @ 18 degrees C for dry stores (overcomes Cairns’ humidity)
  • Three offices, archive room, meeting room, staff room & amenities

These facilities now allow us to carry adequate stock to satisfy customer needs at short notice.

Our Cairns based distribution vehicles include:

  • 1 x 4 tonne dual temp compartment vehicles capable of -25 deg.C to 20 deg.C  
  • 1 x 2 tonne dual temp compartment vehicles capable of -25 deg.C to 20 deg.C
  • 1 x 2 tonne single temp compartment vehicle capable of -25 deg.C to 20 deg.C
  • 2 x 1 tonne single temp compartment vehicle capable of -25 deg.C to 20 deg.C

Our facilities in Townsville are located in the JAT transport/cold store facility.  We have a purpose built production facility with offices and access to chiller and freezer storage in the JAT facility.  With the assistance of JAT, we are able to supply fresh product over night in bulk south to Mackay and north to Cairns, where our vehicles then take over and deliver to our customers or on forward via air, sea or road freight to  our more remote customers on Cape York or the Torress Straits.

Our Townsville based distribution vehicles include: 

  • 2 x 2 tonne dual temp compartment vehicles capable of -25 deg.C to 20 deg.C
  • 2 x 1 tonne single temp compartment vehicles capable of -25 deg.C to 20 deg.C

 Territory & Distribution Logistics

We service the area from Mackay in the south, north to the Torres Strait, and west to Mornington Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria and Gove in the Northern Territory.

Service frequency with our vehicles: 

  • 5 days for Cairns, Northern Beaches, Gordonvale and Townsville
  • 3 days for Port Douglas, Mossman and Daintree
  • 2 days a week for Ingham, Bowen, Mackay, Tully, Mission Beach and the Atherton Tablelands

Our remote customers are serviced by us delivering their orders to road, barge, sea or air freight ex Cairns.

Our remote customers see one of us personally at least four times per year with each trip covering the Gulf country and Cape York, taking approx. 3 weeks to drive each time.

Sheryl, Kathy and Celeste telemarket 60% of our customers three (3) times per week to source their needs – we endeavour to speak to every customer no matter how remote at least every fortnight.


Recent Developments

In November 2006, the opportunity to purchase a sandwich production business at the Bohle industrial estate in Townsville allowed us to plan to diversify and expand our operations in two distinct directions.

Firstly, we have now duplicated our Cairns based distribution facility procedures in Townsville.  With three admin staff, a storeman and three customer support drivers plus four refrigerated vehicles based in Townsville, we can now effectively distribute product from the Mackay Whitsunday region north to the Torres Strait.

Secondly, we are now producing our own QCF branded packaged sandwiches, wraps, rolls, foccacia’s, croissants, paninis etc to both the route and foodservice/hospitality trade throughout Far North Queensland.  The small automated facility is operated by the production manager plus eight staff. 


Future Directions

Maintain our current exclusivity feel within the business – exclusive quality products from passionate producers supplied to discerning customers with attention to detail with care and passion.

Further move the concept of “convenience, pre-prepared” from the route side of our business into the foodservice/hospitality trade where qualified staffing is becoming an increasingly complex problem.

Further develop our servicing of the hospitality trade with our typical route frequency and personalised all-encompassing customer service.

Continue to source more unique products to add to our portfolio.

Develop a wholesale to the public warehouse shopfront.

Open a distribution facility in Mackay to service the Mackay, Whitsunday and inland mining areas.

Develop the School market with a total package of pre-prepared bulk and single wrap product.  A one stop shop for any school.  Our own QCF produced hot and cold meals and meal components will feature heavily along side other out-sourced green and amber products.

The FIFO market is largely ignored and continues to grow.  We will develop and supply hot and cold meals, meal components, meal packs, beverages, etc , all branded with the customers logo, for the regional airlines catering for the mining  and tourism industries.


11 Donaldson St
Cairns QLD 4870
P: (07) 4041 7199
F: (07) 4041 7399


18 B Lorna Court
Townsville QLD 4818
P: (07) 4774 6299
F: (07) 4774 8399